New York, NY ( -- b condoms is excited to honor American entrepreneurship this Black History Month. b condoms will highlight a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs that transcended their race and overcame adversities in pursuit of their dreams.

"There is a rich history of African-American entrepreneurs whose stories are often untold. It’s important for us as a minority-owned and socially-innovative company to share their legacies with other young entrepreneurs," says b condoms Founder, Jason Panda.

For Black History Month, b condoms will highlight the accomplishments of these entrepreneurs over its social media. b condoms will donate a condom to a nonprofit dedicated to African-American health for each story shared as part of their #beengrinding campaign for Black History Month. "African-American entrepreneurs have #beengrinding and b condoms is committed to providing a bridge between our entrepreneurial history and those that are working to create better lives in our community," says Panda.

To participate in this campaign, follow b condoms at @bcondoms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share an entrepreneurial story with the hashtag #beengrinding. For additional information about the company, visit

About b condoms
b condoms is a new American condom company that caters to the unique experience of youth culture around sexual health. They are the first condom company created entirely from the ground up that is driven to show you culture and sexuality the way it really is – diverse, authentic, satisfying – not stigmatized and determined by big corporations or ideologues. b condoms are manufactured from premium natural latex and undergo vigorous testing to provide maximum pleasure and safety. The company also works with community organizations to encourage responsible health practices. For more information, visit