The Naturalistas Behind NATURAL SPLENDOR: (left to right) Robin Rogers, co-founder; her daughter Naoj Andrews, social media director, and her sister Dawn Shaffer, co-founder

Nationwide ( -- Natural hair is not just about the hair, it’s the new fashion statement and social media is connecting the natural hair community on a global scale. Once not considered glamorous or acceptable in every arena, it’s now the sought after hair from main stream advertisers. The appearance of Viola Davis on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards in her natural hair was a social media bonanza for naturalistas who shared the picture via Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Fashionable textured- hair women are moving away from harsh chemical relaxers, extensions, wigs and other means of altering the texture of their hair and sharing their journeys via social media. Images of natural hair style Icons like Solange Knowles are very popular in the social media world and Oprah Winfrey has featured natural hair on the cover of O magazine for the second time. There is a global return to natural hair and social media is igniting the movement.

Oakland, California based NATURAL SPLENDOR launched October 12, 2013 at The World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show in Atlanta, used social media to connect to the natural hair community while they were formulating their products. The company enters the market with their Curl Conditioning Creams in two formulas; Lightly Coiled and Tightly Coiled, a premium hair product designed to moisturize and condition natural hair. Educating the consumer, to know their own hair, to have a better experience with its products is a high priority for the new company. According to Dawn Shaffer, Co-founder of NATURAL SPLENDOR, “Natural hair is the only fashion movement that uses social media to educate the community about how to care and wear our natural hair.”

After more than 2 years of research and consumer product testing, the NATURAL SPLENDOR line is formulated to work with multiple hair textures in a single- step process. Robin Rogers, another co-founder of NATURAL SPLENDOR said “Embracing our own natural hair is one of the most exciting things to evolve in years, and social media allows us to share our unique styles globally.” Naoj Andrews, Social Media Director for NATURAL SPLENDOR states that “Social Media has played an essential role in the resurgence of women returning to their natural texture. Like never before, information is being shared on a global level that allows our community to encourage, inspire and connect with one another within moments! It’s changed everything.” NATURAL SPLENDOR is a family owned and operated business and the team regularly connects with their local natural hair community by attending social media driven events around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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