Jim Jones Talks Reconciling With Cam'ron + Trolling 50 Cent and Supreme


A visit from Jim Jones at the station was long overdue and who better than Angie Martinez to sit down with Jimmy and get us up to date on everything going on in his life? Jones opened up about a number of different topics, including his relationship with Cam'ron, whether he got secretly married to Chrissy Lampkin, Juelz Santana's arrest, and why he's out here trolling Supreme and 50 Cent.

Jones confirmed that he's back on good terms with Cam'ron, saying that their relationship was mended by a third party who put them together on a Diplomat concert. "If Cam wanna do it, I will do it...and I was like F it let's do it," Jones says about how that initial conversation went. "If we gonna put our best foot forward, we don't need to indulge in the past...we've been speaking every day since then....nobody wants to see separation." 

He also spoke about why he hasn't put a ring on his longtime girlfriend's finger yet. Last year rumors surfaced that the rapper and his girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin, had secretly gotten married, but it turned out to be fake news. "I want it to be right, we love each other dearly," Jones explained. "Lord knows dealing with a man like me definitely ain't easy." Though it hasn't happened yet, Jones assured Angie that it will happen eventually. 

Angie asked about Juelz Santana's arrest, as well, and Jones said that Julez is doing good, but he's in a bad situation. "His spirits is up...he's in a hell of a situation but we say our prayers and hire good lawyers" Jones said. "The best he can do is get in that studio, get back to work and make that money. There's always more to it. I'm just happy that he's out. He'll be aight."

Jones also asked about his dealings with Supreme, saying that when he and Juelz took that picture there was no such thing as a hype-beast and they're the ones who gave Supreme the real introduction to the Hip-Hop brand. "Supreme was a skateboarding line...no one was up on them," Jones says. He also tells Angie that when they pulled up to take that iconic photo in Harlem, Supreme had a bag of $15,000 a piece. "We infused them into this Hip-Hop culture. I just want people to see that we missed out on a billion dollars cause we don't work together" says Jones.

The conversation turned towards Jones trolling 50 Cent on Instagram. The two have always had a bit of awkward competition between them, according to Jones, but all is good between the two. "I spoke to him later that night on my family phone. You always have to be ready to take it that far with him." He also says he's 100 percent ready to do some TV work with 50 Cent.

Jones did Marriage Boot Camp with his mother and Lampkin.  According to Jones, it was all about a check and he wasn't actually interested in learning anything by being on the show. "It was a great experience, it's a real mess of a show and people love it" he says. "They love disfunction. We're a dysfunctional family; if you come to my mom's house nothing changes. It might be more iller in the house than what you see on TV." 

His mom's home burned down on Christmas Day, however, Jones has taken a pretty positive outlook on the situation. He says it could have been much worse and it was a blessing that everybody got out. All the material items that were lost are replaceable. "That was the house I bought her when I got a big check about eleven years ago," Jones told Angie.

The last topic Jones and Angie discussed was that Mase  is total "finesser" when it comes to life in general and the church, according to Jones. "He finessing GOD...he finessed Jesus...my pastor didn't preach on Sunday and be at Starlet's on Monday...he's in there throwing singles at them  [strippers]" Jones says of Mase.

Jimmy's new album 'Waste of Talent' is out now. 



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