Ashanti Has Message For Gossip Folks In 'Say Less' Video Ft. Ty Dolla Sign

**WARNING: Explicit language**


Ashanti joined forces with Ty Dolla Sign for her latest single "Say Less" and the music video has an special message for anyone who's ever had any messy lies to say about her.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song, which dropped November 2017, the singer/songwriter is talking about how closing your mouth if you don't know the full story about a situation can be the best option, often times. However, many people choose to speak about things that they don't know the details of and that can cause things to get messy. In a nutshell, only talk when you have your facts straight. The song also tell listeners that they shouldn't feel the need to speak about dumb things, if they don't concern them or if they're a waste of time and energy.  Sound simple enough, right? 

"Like get out my face, say less (say less)/ If it ain't about the money, say less (say less)," Ashanti sings on the chorus. "If he ain't from the clique, say less/ B**ch, say less." Ty's vocals also assists in the pre-chorus with Ashanti: "Pull up to the party (party)/ Jewels all on my body (my body)/ Your chick on my body (body)/ And they can't tell me nothing, no/ Like stop it, them b**ches over there not poppin'/ Ay, we gonna order more bottles/ And they can't tell me nothing, no (yeah yeah)."

"Say Less" will be featured on Ashanti's upcoming album, which is slated to be released sometime this year. The recording artist is working on the project with fellow music heavy hitters like QuavoMetro Boomin, Swae Lee, Tory Lanez, Jeremih, Travis Scott and more.

"I feel like I have a lot to say. I feel like the last album I put out was ... of course I'm going to say I feel like it was amazing," the star previously told iHeartRadio in an exclusive interview. "But there are so many things that have happened from the last time I put music out, so there are a lot of things to say. Especially with what's going on in the music industry and just the world, period. So, yeah, I have some stuff to say."

She added: "The new music, I'm saying things that I haven't said before and I probably wouldn't. But I think it's important to be just honest, transparent, [and] vulnerable at times and just be real."

Watch Ashanti's "Say Less" music video with Ty Dolla Sign above!

Photo: YouTube/AshantiVEVO


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