Orlando Brown Arrested In Underwear By Bounty Hunters In Crazy Video

Former child star Orlando Brown was arrested on Friday (April 13) morning by not cops, but bounty hunters, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TMZ has video footage of the crazy incident. But, one of the most bizarre facts about the arrest was that the former actor was taken into custody in his underwear and without shoes. "We're told the crazy video footage -- obtained by TMZ -- is from a raid by Lucky the Bounty Hunter..." the news outlet reports. "It starts with Lucky and his team trying to enter, but getting pushback from the homeowner, who claims they have no legal right."

The site continues: "Lucky tells us he had legal paperwork and warrants so they were allowed to enter the home and look for Orlando ... so they made it happen by force. After an intense search, they found Brown hiding in a bedroom closet in a t-shirt and boxers and made the arrest."

The owner of the house where Brown was staying claims that the former star was allowed to be there as a favor for one of his neighbors, who's a music producer. However, the owner started getting worried because his fiancĂ©e recently informed him that Brown was a fugitive. Take a look at videos of the insane arrest below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**


Photo: Getty Images


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