Survey Reveals What It Was Like Being Single In 2020

Being single isn’t easy, and it was certainly much harder this year thanks to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean folks still didn’t find a way to date, and now a new Match survey reveals how singles navigated this unique year. 

A survey of 5,000 singles finds:

  • More singles are looking for real relationships (as opposed to just hookups).
  • In fact, 58% say they are focusing on intentional dating due to the pandemic.
  • 53% of those folks are searching for a relationship.
  • 63% of app users say they are spending more time getting to know a potential partner.

When it comes to dating moving forward:

  • Two-thirds are ready to go on an in-person date.
  • 36% say they are going to be more selective about who they date, and 23% will be more selective about where they will go.
  • 21% plan to ask their date to practice social distancing.
  • 20% expect to be more cautious about touching and kissing.
  • 20% will insist dates wear a mask throughout the date.
  • ONE MORE THING! Considering it's an election year, the survey also looked at how politics play a role in relationship these days and finds:
  • 76% of singles of both party affiliations believe a partner needs to share their political beliefs.
  • Only 48% of singles believe they can have a relationship with someone with very different political views, which is a 15% decrease over the last eight years.
  • 45% of singles want to know a partner’s political viewpoints by the second date.
  • 79% of singles are comfortable telling a potential partner their political affiliation.
  • 30% of singles find debating political issues with a date sexy.