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DJ Envy Fires Back At Rick Ross Over Comments About His Car Show

DJ Envy and Rick Ross

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DJ Envy has formally responded to Rick Ross after the rapper-entrepreneur highlighted the differences between their respective car shows.

On Friday, May 19, The Breakfast Club host decided to hit back at Rozay after the MMG founder spoke on Envy's upcoming car show on social media. During the Rumor Report, they played audio of Ross referring to Envy as "Beige Rage." He also called out Envy's plan to donate proceeds to Young Dolph's family. That's when the veteran DJ unloaded on the bawse.

"Let's be honest, Ross," Envy said while mocking the rapper. "You Airbnb your home, the house you sleep in. Eddie Murphy slept in your bed. They shot Coming 2 America and Eddie man-milked your bed."

"Yeah you have 200-300 cars, yeah you absolutely right. Most of them are trash," Envy continued. "They're garbage. If you go through mine, they're quality. But I'm not here to talk about because I'm not going back-and-forth with you. I don't have to."

The harsh retort stemmed from Rick Ross' commentary about Envy's plan to host his car show in Memphis alongside Young Dolph's Paper Route Empire. Proceeds from the show are going straight to the late rapper's family, but Ross questioned Envy's motives. He said he'd even drop $5,000 in total and split among five people who are going to the show to see if Envy follows through with his promise.

“Since we on our car show, DJ Envy, you’ll never be on my level,” Rick Ross began. “For one, you do car shows with rappers and my dead homies. So what you doing in Memphis, that’s for Dolph and I believe Dolph legacy should live on. But make sure every penny you make, you donate to Dolph family."

"Envy, don’t nobody build cars to come to your car show," Ross continued. "Don’t nobody drive from out of state to come to your car show, Envy. Da Beige Rage. You see? But make sure them people got everything they need, Envy. And Memphis, y’all better hold Envy to it.”

It was all good just a week ago. Rozay first spoke about DJ Envy's car show during his recent visit to Drink Champs. Ross said that his and Envy's shows are on different levels, one that Envy can't measure up to in his opinion.

"Envy was never on my level to battle," Rozay said playfully. "I wouldn't do that to Envy. I rock with Envy. I like Envy and I f**k with Envy, but in the car game he not ready for that, but I support that s**t."

See DJ Envy's full response to Rick Ross below.

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