New Trailer For Season 3 Of Atlanta Is Out!

A new trailer for the third season of Atlanta is here!

Earn, Paper Boi, Van, and Darius star in European commercials while a cover of OutKast’s “So Fresh, So Clean" plays. FX confirmed that the new episodes will be abroad during a European tour.

Atlanta concluded its second season back in May 2018, but Zazie Beetz, recently revealed that the crew has already filmed the fourth season.

“I can’t say much in terms of plot and stuff, but we have shot seasons three and four,” she said. “Season four is still being worked on, but know that we have things in the can. Something will come out next year.”

Season three is set to premiere on FX on March 24.

“We are thrilled to have Atlanta back with a new season on March 24,” said FX Entertainment president Eric Schrier. “Once again, Donald Glover, the producers and stellar cast have delivered another signature season synonymous with the excellence that makes Atlanta so great.”

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