Mike Tyson Punches Man On A Jet Blue Flight

Mike Tyson is not facing charges from when he attacked a man on an airplane.

The California District Attorney said that because of “the conduct of the victim leading up to the incident,” charges will not be brought. This stems from when a man agitated Tyson to the point, that he turned around and start punching the man in the face.

Tyson’s rep maintained that the intoxicated individual threw a water bottle at Mike before he defended himself.

Tyson would then face multiple criminal charges.

The man, who was intoxicated, would not stop provoking Mike in his seat as Tyson was to fly out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida. Witnesses say Tyson initially took a selfie with him, and was patient, but the man kept trying to talk as he sat behind Mike.

Eventually, Tyson had enough and told him to stop, and when the guy didn't, that's when Tyson started to throw several punches at the man's face. Tyson bloodied the passenger's forehead, and Mike walked off the plane just seconds later. The man received medical attention and then went to the police over the incident.

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