Woman Claims To Be Diddy's Fiancee, Says He Was Being Held Hostage & The Devil Recruited Her

In more Florida crazies news, a woman named Jermelah Jones claimed that she was Diddy's fiancée and called cops to the mogul's Miami home multiple times within the past few weeks. 

Miami 7 News reports that the 35-year-old woman began calling police about Puff on Jan. 23. She first claimed that he was being beat up and held hostage in his house. "Once Miami Beach Police officers and fire rescue arrived to the residence of Combs, who had been fast asleep, their investigation ultimately concluded that her allegations were false since he was 'clearly not in any distress,'” the site said.

But, the phone calls didn't end there. Jones continued to make these false reports for days. Then on Jan. 26, cops caught up with her and told her that making these fake claims was a crime. Jones said that she understood and would never call them again. However, she lied.

"On Feb. 6, Jones again called the Miami Beach Police Department to say that Combs was being held against his will. This time, she physically visited his residence and attempted to gain access to the property," Miami 7 News reported. "Police arrested Jones on Feb. 14. Once in custody, Jones told officers that she had been in a relationship with Combs for a few months but couldn’t recall any personal information about him."

And just when you thought things couldn't get anymore weird, they did. While in custody, Jones told police that she was “recruited by the devil and his people.”

Bad girl fo' life. 

Photo: Miami Police Department/Getty Images

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