Sargento Recalls AT LEAST 14 Products

( Sargento has expanded its cheese recall to include several other products not included in its original alert.

According to the company's website, the cheese, "must be recalled due to a potential contamination by Listeria monocytogenes."

So far, no illnesses have been reported.

The company also announced that as a result of the recall, they are terminating their relationship with their supplier, Deutsch Kase Haus, "which supplied Sargento with the affected Longhorn Colby cheese."

A list of products recalled include UPC bar code, and "sell by" date below:

  • 46100001058 oz.Sargento Sliced Colby15MAY17F
  • 46100001078 oz.Sargento Sliced Muenster 05MAR17F; 6MAR17F; 16APR17F; 17APR17F; 15APR17F
  • 46100001227.5 oz.Sargento Sliced Pepper Jack 03MAY17B
  • 46100002796.67 oz.Sargento Sliced Tomato & Basil Jack03MAR17B
  • 46100410188 oz.Sargento Shredded Reduced Fat Colby-JackH07APR17
  • 46100411058 oz.Sargento Shredded Chef Blends 4 Cheese PizzeriaH10APR17
  • 46100400948 oz.Sargento Artisan Blends Double Cheddar Shredded CheeseH09JUN17;H08JUN17
  • 46100002286.84 oz.Ultra Thin Sliced Longhorn Colby 02FEB17F; 01MAR17B; 16MAR17F; 12APR17B; 10MAY17B
  • 46100400418 oz.Chef Blends Shredded Nacho & Taco H04MAY17; S15MAY17; H01JUN17; H14JUN17; H12JUL17
  • 461000010812 oz.Sliced Pepper Jack02MAY17B; 03MAY17B; 11JUN17B; 12JUN17B; 09JUL17B; 10JUL17B
  • 461000010912 oz.Sliced Colby-Jack01MAY17B; 11JUN17B
  • 46100400028 oz.Chef Blends Shredded Taco H11MAY17; H01JUN17; H14JUN17; F28JUN17
  • 46100400148 oz.Off the Block Fine Cut Shredded Colby-JackH06MAY17; F05JUL17
  • 46100400768 oz.Off the Block Fine Cut Shredded Cheddar JackH07MAY17; H08MAY17; H09MAY17; F05JUL17
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