Nicki Minaj Sends A Message To Remy Ma: 'You Have 72 Hours To Drop A Hit'

Last night (March 9), Nicki Minaj finally responded to Remy Ma's diss tracks "ShETHER" and "Another One." Whether social media is pleased with the response is a completely different story, BUT we'll talk about that later. 

On her new song "No Frauds," Nicki didn't call Remy out by her name. But, she made very obvious digs that the hip hop world knew was about the Bronx rapper. "Heard you p**sy on yuck, I guess you needed a Pap(oose)/ What type of bum b**ch shoot a friend over a rack?/ What type of mother leaves her one son over a stack?" Nicki spit.

"Little Boogie Down basic b**ch thinking she back/ Back to Back? Oh you mean back to wack?/ Back to Back? Me and Drizzy laughed at that/ They say numbers don't matter, but when they discussing the kings/ They turn around and say Lebron ain't got six rings."

Listen To Nicki Minaj's New Songs 'No Frauds' And 'Regrets In Your Tears' | WORLD PREMIERE

But, that's not the only message Nicki had for Remy. On Instagram, the Barb wrote, "Diss records can't be lies. Great diss records are FACTS. But here @ Young Money, we don't do diss records, we drop HIT RECORDS & diss u ON them. I got a bunch more on cock. Pauz. The greats took 3 months to respond to diss records. Queens don't move on peasant time. Queens shut down Paris, then drop hits on #QueenTime."

She continued: "Stay in your bum ass place. Jealousy gets u no where. Love to all my bad b**chs. Now I got a countdown of my own for Sheneneh. U got 72 hours to drop a hit and I'll give u half a million dollars if u can book ANY show or interview w/o mentioning the Queen name."

Read Nicki's words for Remy below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language below**


Tick tock, tick tock...

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