Weed Clubs Could Be a Reality Very Soon!

It looks Nevada may be a trendsetter! While many weed states are shying away from the social use, Nevada is ready to take it up a  notch and pushing to open pot clubs. Oh...you heard me right!

Senate Bill 236, which would let local governments permit marijuana social clubs and other forms of public use currently outlawed, took one step closer to becoming law Tuesday. The bill passed with a 12-9 vote on Tuesday, and it now goes to the Assembly. On Monday, Clark County’s marijuana advisory panel finalized recommendations for for county commissioners that detail how marijuana lounges in Southern Nevada could work.

But other states have exercised more caution under the Trump administration, which is not surprising. Do you think this is going to become a reality? If it does, this is going to bring a lot MORE people to Vegas!

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Roxy Romeo

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