WATCH: XXXTentacion Gets Knocked Out Mid-Performance!

While Forida rapper XXXTentacion was performing in San Diego last night, he was punched and knocked out on stage. Dude knocked XXX TH OUT! He was out cold! Security had to carry him off stage.



It is known that XXX & Rob $tone got beef. XXX's boy was attacked & people think that Rob was involved, even thought there is no evidence. So, of course now, people think he has something to do with this attack on XXX. So much so that the crowd starting chanting, "F**k Rob Stone". 

XXX hopped on social media to say, “security and venue set me up, I got sucker punched and knocked out, it is what it is." He continued, "next time make sure you kill me so I can’t talk s**t.”


This is only the sixth stop of the Revenge tour. Violence erupted at the first show in Houston, where rapper WifiisFuneral was jumped after diving into the crowd.  

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