WATCH: Bryson Tiller Admitted to Fans That He's Been Getting Death Threats



Bryson Tiller recently kicked off his "Set It Off" Tour and decided to be very open with his fans. 

He went into detail about an incident that could have turned very violence, while his 4-year-old daughter wasn't too far away. Tiller said that his recent fame and fortune has, unfortunately, made some people who personally know him feel uneasy and jealous. These people now want to wish ill on him.

"You know success brings, for me anyway, it brought out a lot of f**k boy, b**ch ass n***as," Tiller said to the audience. "One in particular thought it’d be cute to leave a little death threat outside of my crib, right? While my daughter was inside sleeping, right? And he thought I wasn’t going to do nothing about it." 

Watch Tiller speak about it above. We're glad nothing dangerous happened in this situation.

Photo: Getty Images

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