Nothing to See Here, Folks! 50 Just Being 50 & Dragging Wendy Williams!

On Halloween (Oct. 31), Wendy Williams scared all of her fans when she fainted during a live shooting of her talk show. 

She was wearing a Statue of Liberty costume and speaking to the camera when all of a sudden, Williams began shaking and fell to the ground. Her show quickly went to commercial break. Luckily, Williams returned back on-camera minutes later and revealed that she was simply overheated in her extravagant outfit. 

One person who decided to troll Williams' scary incident was none other than 50 Cent. In his usual petty fashion, he went on Instagram account to do the deed. First, he captioned video of Williams fainting with "LOL" and a smiley face. 

In following posts, he continued: "What is this? It just looks like bad acting to me. 👀LOL she said she over heated in her costume" and "Happy Halloween Catch 50Central tomorrow night at 10:30 PM, I'm gonna over heat in my costume. LOL." Check out 50 coming for Williams' fainting incident below.


Photo: Getty Images

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