Taylor Swift is Getting Dragged Because of 'September' Remake

So, Taylor Swift is getting dragged to hell and back because she chose to cover Earth, Wind, and Fire's 'September". If you haven't heard it, take a listen below:

Now, that you have heard it, what do you think? Is it really as bad as people are making it seem? Personally, I don't think it's that bad. I think the problem is the fact that Taylor is a white, pop artist covering a classic song made by black artists. MY OPINION!

In case you need a refresher on the original:

Now, obviously, there is no comparison. OF COURSE, Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" cannot be touched! I'm just saying that I don't think Taylor's version is as terrible as people are making it out to be. It's bland, but she felt like doing it, and caused the black twitter to roast her. I have to admit though, I LMAO reading them!


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