WATCH: Women in Mall Wanted to Beat Cardi B's A**!

Cardi B went from stripper to reality star to one of the biggest female hip-hop artists on the music scene right now. Basically, she has blown the f*** up! She has become so big that she can no longer shop in a store with other people, or so it seems. 

Cardi was at the mall over the weekend, and an entire store was cleared out in order for her to be able to have the store to herself and shop in peace.

No word on what actually sparked this situation, but a group of women standing outside the store were screaming for Cardi to come up because they wanted to beat her ass. You could eve hear someone scream, "Come outside, you Bitch!"

Thankfully no one got hurt because Lord knows it could've been worse, but dayum! Cardi is about to pop, and that's what people are trying to do?! C'mon now! 

Check out the video below:

Roxy Romeo

Roxy Romeo

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