Rihanna Ends It with Billionaire Boyfriend Because She "Gets Tired of Men"

Rihanna began dating Hassan Jameel over a year ago. Jameel is Saudi billionaire. His family owns one of the largest businesses in the world. 

Many warned Rihanna to stay away from him because he is a womanizer. Rihanna being Rihanna did not listen, and did what Rihanna wanted to do. Maybe it was him that needed to be warned about Rihanna. Word is that Rihanna has ended their relationship, simply because she got tired of him.

Rihanna is rich herself, but he is in another category being a billionaire. Clearly, Rihanna did not care about the money. 

I wonder if Rihanna will ever find anyone that she doesn't get tired of...hmmmm


And of course you know that the internet had a field day!

Roxy Romeo

Roxy Romeo

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