WATCH: Nipsey Hussle Slaps BET Parking Attendant for Giving Him a Hard Time

Nipsey Hussle arrived at The BET Awards this past weekend to perform at the pre-show. Unfortunately, he ran into a little problem. As he was about to pull into the talent parking lot, the attendant said he wasn't allowed to park there. Even after Nipsey explained that he was talent and was performing, the guy still wouldn't budge.

Nipsey got out of his car, and told the attendant "finish your job" ... "pick up a cone or something." You know Nipsey is not the one to play with him. He reached his limit with this guy and bitch-slapped him after the guy hit a cone out of his security's hand.

That guys was so stunned lol. He definitely didn't expect that. I bet after that Nipsey got to park his car in the lot!

Check out the video of the incident below:


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