WATCH: Why is Brandy Still Bringing Up This Old Ass Beef with Monica?!

I can't! I can't! I can't! What is going on with Brandy??? Why is she holding onto this beef with Monica like it's her life support? I just don't get it!

Ok. So, as you may know...Brandy & Monica had a massive hit song together, 20 years ago, "The Boy is Mine." The two started beefing after that over the song. Years later, Whitney Houston was thrown into their beef...Who was closer to Whitney?...Really?! Really!

Fast-forward to present day, Brandy, during her Essence Music Festival performance, shadily brought the beef back up while she was performing The Boy is Mine. It was at that point that people started to think that Brandy may have been the problem the entire time because really...why after 20 LONG YEARS, are you still holding onto this beef? It just doesn't make any sense!

Check out the video below:

And OF COURSE, the internet has something to say about it!

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