WATCH: After Just 4 Months, Queen Naija & ClarenceNYC are Expecting a Baby!

Prior to getting into music, Queen Naija lived her life out on social media. Her and her ex-husband (prior to getting divorced) had a YouTube channel. It became extremely popular, and she gained a lot of fans based on that. Her fans were with her when she learned that he cheated (more than once) and they were with her when she divorced him.

Fast forward to today. She has a new boo, ClarenceNYC. He is also Social Media famous. Although everyone knew that they were together, they wouldn't publicly confirm it. Of course we knew it! They not only started a You Tube channel together called The Royal Family, but they also moved in together. Clarence moved all the way from NY to be with her in Atlanta. 

They were together for 4 months when they revealed that they are expecting a baby together! 4 months! What?!

Check it below for yourself:


The full episode with the pregnancy announcement is below


Photo Credit: @HollywoodUnlocked (Instagram)

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