Nicki's Wildin...Denied Fan an Autograph for Not Knowing Her 1st Mixtape!

These last 2 weeks definitely haven't been the best for Nicki Minaj, and that is an understatement. Her album "Queen" debuted at #2, behind Travis Scott's "Astroworld." She is STILL coming up with all kind of fictional reasons why that happened...blaming Travis for being underhanded in someway. Nicki has also been starting beef with people for no good reason., I am not done yet. The NickiHndrxx Tour is a wrap. They claim it is scheduling conflicts, but according to insiders, it is because ticket sales were horrible. 

Nicki Minaj truly needs all the love & support that she can get right now since she is barely getting any. Unfortunately for her, she is so jaded and self-absorbed that she doesn't see that. She continues to keep her nose in the air and treat people like sh*t. A fan, at the VMAs, wanted an autograph, and she refused because they couldn't name her 1st mixtape...smh. Nicki is single-handedly killing her own career.

Check out the video below:

Roxy Romeo

Roxy Romeo

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