Did SZA Get Plastic Surgery???!

SZA recently posted up a series of new pictures on her Instagram account. These photos have a lot of people scratching their heads asking, "WTF?!" It's because SZA face looks so different! A lot of people are trying to determine if it is because she actually got plastic surgery...a nose job & surgery on her chin OR if it is simply because she lost a lot of weight. 

My vote is surgery. I don't think that losing weight would make her face look THAT different. What do you think?

OK. So, this is the SZA that I remember, which was just the other day...like last week!


This is, apparently, the new SZA. She posted these pictures just a day ago.


Clearly, I am not the only that feels this way. Black Twitter is also trying to figure out WTF happened to SZA's face!

Roxy Romeo

Roxy Romeo

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