Has Lori Harvey Added Diddy to Her List of Growing Men?!

Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey's 22 year-old step-daughter, is absolutely gorgeous and everyone seems to be noticing these days. Not too long ago, she was linked to Trey Songz. Truth be told, I thought the 2 of them were still together. That doesn't seem to be the case. If you listen to the social media chatter, it seems that Lori has moved on to 49 year-old, Diddy. To put things into perspective, let's not forget the fact that Lori used to date Diddy's son, Justin. Something to think about...just saying. But yes, Lori was actually spotted out at a reggae spot with Diddy and internet went crazy!

Now, isn't a possibility that since Lori used to date Justin, maybe...just maybe...Justin might have been somewhere around and we didn't see him??! I don't know!

Check out the video below & you let me know what you think!

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