Did Fans Figure It Out? Is Rotimi the Father of Erica Dixon's Twins?

As you may know, Erica Dixon is pregnant. She just about ready to pop with twins! So, first off, CONGRATULATIONS on the babies! But uhhh...can someone tell me...Who is the babies daddy???! Fans think that they may have figured it out. They went digging all over her social media, and the unanimous name that surfaced was...Rotimi! There were some pictures showing the two very close...closer than you would expect friends to be. So, are they right? Is Rotimi the father of the twins???

Not only did Rotimi respond to the allegations, but Erica Dixon even chimed in to set the record straight.

On a March 23rd IG post, someone asked Rotimi “Are you going to be a dad”

His reply...“Not at all #FakeNews.”

Erica was also asked if Rotimi was the father and her response was “False info.”

So...there you have folks! Nothing to see over here! Rotimi is not the father, which brings us back to the original question...Who is the twins' father????

Roxy Romeo

Roxy Romeo

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