Wendy Williams Served Husband Divorce Papers & His Reaction was Priceless!

As we all know, Wendy Williams' husband has been completely bold and blatantly disrespectful when it comes to his wife. He has a whole other outside relationship going on, and he is not even trying to hide it. Pictures surfaced of him and his mistress/girlfriend on vacation together. Now, that isn't the first time that we heard about Wendy's husband and his trifling ways. I think a lot of people thought that Wendy would never find the strength to divorce him, but thankfully, it looks like she did.

The processor disguised the divorce papers as a gift wrapped in a bow. Word is that he started screaming and cussing up a storm, especially after he found out that all the pass codes were changed and he was no longer allowed at 'The Wendy Williams Show'. LOL!

I just have to ask. Did he really think that his out-in-the-open, raggedy, trifling behavior wasn't going to catch up with him? He thought that he could continue making Wendy look like a fool in public and she wasn't going to do anything? Boy bye! Good for Wendy. I pray that her transition to singledom is easy and seamless 👏👏👏

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