WATCH: Bun B & Wife Called N*****s By White Woman!

If you know anything about Bun B and his wife, Queenie, then you know that they are not the ones to mess with. Clearly, one white woman did NOT get that memo! Bun & Queenie were on the receiving end of some RACISM while at What-a-Burger recently when this woman called them "N*****S". This woman has got to F***ED UP! The couple said the woman got out of her car and threatened to SHOOT them if they didn't move their car. WHAT?! Of course you know, they didn't budge. Bun actually turned his Instagram Live on and documented the entire thing. Police were eventually called. No one was arrested & both partied went there separate ways. I am not exactly sure why this woman wasn't arrested because it definitely sounds like a hate crime to me. Hmmm...that's just me tho!

It didn't end there! Bun & Queenie bumped into the same woman at a Walgreens a little later. Queenie stepped to the woman, and what do you think happened? Of course, that lady was as quiet as a church mouse then! Good decision because if she said anything, you know Queenie would've laid her out!

Check out the video below!

Image Credit: Getty

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