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FAT JOE: Money Challenge? WTF?

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The Bronx rapper doesn't understand what would compel someone to start flaunting their cash on social media.Photo: Getty Images North America

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

Fat Joe says we also need to give credit to the originator of using money to spell stuff out — Busy Bee.

He might be showing his age a bit here. Just because you don't agree with or understand the current trends, doesn't mean that they're wrong.

Whether it's through music, social media or just running their mouths -- folks love to dry snitch on themselves.

Joe isn't hating -- he's actually offering some good advice.

When one of the OGs drops a gem, you better pick it up.

Fat Joe has some choice words for people taking part in the latest viral craze.

The Bronx rapper has been seeing the same pictures on his timeline that we all have. Folks who want to flex their wealth by using their money to spell out messages on the floor. Fat Joe has just one question for those people — “What the [eff] is wrong with you?

Joe Crack said “I dare you to look down my Instagram, or anywhere on social media, and see if Fat Joe has ever pulled out a one hundred dollar bill... One! And then these people, when they get caught... You told on yourself…. You ain't never had a legit job in your life. You writing your names with mountains of money…[Eff] is wrong with you?!”

Nick Cannon agreed, saying, “IRS is watchin’… in fact, all they gotta do is hashtag Money Challenge. ‘Alright, who’s Loco32? Who’s Jon33?”

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